The Thrive Kitchen

Serving up tasty food with the side effect of promoting health, Carter’s Biz Café is proud to host Holly’s Healthy Offerings. Holly’s Healthy Offerings prepares and serves freshly squeezed “Juicing”, “Blendings”, snacks, and seasonal entrées to Carter’s Biz Café members as well as the public.

The Thrive Kitchen

“Holly’s Healthy Offerings” sources organic ingredients from California’s abundant produce market and continuously works to cater its menu to the evolving health needs of the area’s valued clientele; there are no soy, dairy, wheat, processed sugars or inorganic additives in any of “Holly’s Healthy Offerings.”
While there are many cafes and juice joints serving supposedly healthy foods, Holly’s Healthy Offerings takes ‘healthy foods’ to a whole new level.

Holly’s Healthy Offerings presents a menu containing “Juicing”, “Blendings”, snacks, and Entrées that have been designed using foods that help specific health issues such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver and kidney disease, asthma and more; but don’t worry, everything tastes delicious too!

Holly’s Healthy Offerings doesn’t stop there! Customers can sign up for various “Holly’s Healthy Offerings” food programs that focus on specific health issues and provide all meals that can be picked up and taken home, as well as enjoyed in our café. Customers can also sign up for a custom health program where all meals are designed specifically for them, to help improve their unique health circumstances.

The time for an innovative concept, such as “Holly’s Healthy Offerings” is now. People everywhere are seeking natural approaches to prevent and manage chronic illness. “Holly’s Healthy Offerings” provides custom self-directed alternatives to the traditional healthcare system in an era of rising medical costs, dangerous prescription drug side effects, and preventable diseases.

Holly’s Healthy Offerings was founded by Holly Reese, MSOM., L.Ac., a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and Holistic Wellness Coach. Holly spends most of her time educating clients on the healing properties of foods. She specializes in creating dietary plans, complete with recipes for meals, juices and smoothies using only organic, fresh produce.

Holly’s custom “Juice of Life” recipe, is a client favourite. This recipe is the kitchen sink of nutritional juices and saved her life during the time she couldn’t digest solid food. Holly’s “Bones of Steel” smoothie actually helps her clients fight osteoporosis or heal a bone fracture faster. Holly has a gift for creating delicious recipes with healing, medicinal purposes.

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