About Us

Carter’s Biz Cafés are newly positioned as “membership cafes.” Members can meet locally face-to-face, or globally, as our Cafés are fully equipped with the latest in HD/Videoconferencing technology and an assortment of “biz” services throughout each location. Our goal is to create the “first” ecosystem of “Biz-Cafés” for the millions of mobile, work-from-home, corporate and knowledge-based professionals.

Our ecosystem of Cafés will also be supported by our on-line “digital hangout” website, filled with helpful information, technology resources, “biz” tools, “biz” products and collaborative opportunities for our password-protected members.

Not to be confused as just another local coffee house, our mission is to “Serve Knowledge”, encouraging and helping our members to share both their ideas and challenges and working together to increase their mutual success, on a global basis.

By nature, people are social creatures. However, in the current age of LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, face-to-face (F2F) human interaction is being forced into a secondary position in daily life. Carter’s Biz Cafés provide an unprecedented opportunity for people to connect, in real-time, with friends, neighbours and colleagues, to redefine community, and return to the powerful and supportive social networks that were once found in Cafés, coffee shops and neighbourhood bars.

Carter’s Biz Cafés is simply the place to meet, (to the office), collaborate, work on projects, close (your) deals, impress (your) clients, (laugh together), (to) share how your day went, network, be inspired, re-energize, re-connect, re-focus, have fun; again, create your own future, brainstorm, get feedback, (eat, drink and be merry), (laugh together) and to get stuff done. No limitations!”